Probably Cliche: Acula Vendera

I created this character a long time ago, I love to write. However, I never thought to create a Character Study about her. I decided to give it a shot here. Sorry if it's a little cliché compared to others. This was before the whole... Vampire crazy.

Name: Acula Vendera

Description: Vampire. Short woman 5'9''. Long black hair that reaches her knees. Dark, soul eating, yellow eyes. Two sharp canine teeth.

Personality: Acula is a dark woman, looking at everything with hatred in her eyes. She's cold towards everyone.

Habits/Mannerisms: She is constantly 'frowning,' never really showing any type of emotion. She eats constantly, always having a snack to munch on. She also has habits of nibbling on the end of pens and pencils.

Background: Acula's background and lineage is very vague to people, being a mystery. She was born in a small village that was secluded by a forest. When she was a younger child, she was always happy and cheerful; she never minded what she really was. (Being a vampire after all.) Her family worked like the rest of the villagers, until Acula became of age. When the villagers discovered what her family was, they drove them from their home there, burning down the home and blaming the family for any misfortunes that came their way. The Vendera family was forced into exile far from any humans for several hundreds of years, along with her people. Over time, their new home became well known as a safe haven for their species. However, they've been driven from their home more than once, and Acula has witnessed very brutal murders of her kind. Her father eventually being killed by the humans.

When the 2000's began, Acula resurfaced to try once more to become part of society, as well as to learn the new ways and teach her family and other vampires how to survive.

Flaws: Because of her history, she's always a very cold and un-open person. She brushes people off, causing most to hate her; won't even help in someone needs her to.

Internal Conflict: She battles every day with the stress of how to help her kind survive in the world now-a-days. Solely resting on her, she struggles with the hatred for humans in general; yet to keep her people alive, she must become a part of the new world and teach them the way to adapt to the world.


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