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ProSlides, LLC

I. Define your audience, their problem and how you can help.

Who is your audience?   Startups and Small Businesses in the Greater Atlanta Metro Area

What's their problem?  Startups and Small Businesses are part of the 95% of all businesses that don't convey their message through presentations.

How can you help?   Proslides smashes startups and small businesses through their roadblocks to success by ensuring that they deliver a clear, true message the first time and every time.

IIa. Write your story

Part 1 The Beginning

A. Twitter Friendly Headline - "Are you presenting your message clearly?"

B. Whats the point?- As an entrepreneur, your focus should be on your business.
- You don't have the time to design effective presentations.
- You need to be developing oppotunties with customers, clients and investors.

C. Why should you care?
- Proslides is your solution.- We design your presentation for you, effectively and clearly presenting your message.
- This saves you valuable time to focus on growing your opportunties.

Part 2 The Middle

A. The Problem
- You have the opportunity to grow your business.
- You need to deviler a knock-out presentation to a potential customer, client or investor.
- You could spend hours of your own time developing slides and notes.  Then reworking them.  Finally getting a presentation you can live with.  But is presenting a CLEAR MESSAGE?
- This could be your only chance to make that deal.

B. The Solution
- What if there was someone out there with the skills to deliver your message?
- A partner that could CLEARLY convey your message in a presentation.- Allowing you to stay focused on your business, while maximizing each opportunity to connect.

C. The Recommendation
- Proslides is your solution.
- We develop your presentation, clearly delivering your message.- Ensuring your message is fit for the proper audience.

Part 3 The End

A. Relate the story to the audience- Proslides is a fellow local small business.
- Proslides can meet with you face to face, maximizing clarity.
- Proslides understands your needs, because we share your challenges.

B. Highlight benefits
- You want to focus your time on growing your business, while maximizing every opportunity.- Proslides can partner with you to deliver your message, clearly.
- Ensuring you maximize those opportunties by delivering a clear message, each time.

C. Call to Action
- Proslides is your solution
- Proslides is your local Atlanta partner.
- Partner with Proslides and we will deliver your message... clearly.


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