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Pro Patria - Final Draft

STEP 1 - Selecting Your Text

Project Title: Pro Patria

Of all the different characters in Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters, the story of Lydia Puckett stood out to me in particular. Although her prose is short, it provides the baseboards to an intricate tragedy when collaborated with her lover, Knowlt’s, monologue. 

What I want to focus on is the period of time after Lydia learns of Knowlt’s death in the war. He committed a crime before he left, so the town would be experiencing mixed emotions upon hearing the news. I want this screenplay to examine the grief that Lydia is feeling, as well as the pent up guilt that she is harboring from knowing the true reason why he left. It is plausible that she feels lonely and foolish, because the town lothario has already moved on to his next mistress and the man who really loved her is now dead. I also want to show the guilt affecting her relationships with her family and friends.

I decided to keep this adaption true to its time period. Yes, budget wise this would be an expensive move, but this is a spec script. If I modernized it, I don't think it would be a true adaption. A lot of the tension and social issues raised in this screenplay are time period specific, and I don't think the story would be as emotionally effective in modern day times.

 < --- Lucius' poem is also important to the story.

**Pro Patria means "For one's country."

Knuck (as said by Lucius when referring to Knowlt) is a civil war era term for thief.

STEP 2 - Drafting Your Screenplay

Update 7/24 - Well, this is the final draft. I have tried to stay true to my original vision, as well as incorporating feedback to help shape the plot and characters. I am very happy with my finished project. I wanted to thank everyone on here that left constructive comments, as well as the SkillShare team for making this such a great experience.


4th Draft -->> PRO PATRIA 4.0

3rd Draft -- >> PRO PATRIA 3.0

2nd Draft -- >> PRO PATRIA 2.0

1st Draft -->> PRO PATRIA 

(missing two last scenes)--->> PRO PATRIA

STEP 3 - Writing Your Logline

Logline: After the controversial passing of her lover, a young woman struggles to conceal a harmful secret.

Any feedback would be wonderful!


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