Pro Patria (2nd draft)

Pro Patria is a story about unrequited love. I'm adapting it from Knowlt Hoheimer's poem from the spoon river anthology. This poem spoke to me because its about the type of love we don't talk about Amongst each other. Its really heartbreaking and irritating when your in a relationship and it seems like everything is fine until he or she expresses that its not meant to be. Its the kind of love we all been through or will be through at some point in our lives.

This really shouldn't count as a "Period piece" but it take place in 2003, The year that the Iraq war began. I made Knowlt's character a high school who knows that his relationship with Lydia, his girlfriend, is falling apart. He comes up asking for her hand in marriage as a way to fix their broken relationship. I also made this couple fresh out of high school to make the emotionL impact much more because of simply their age. 

Step 1: Selecting Your Text 

I chose to adapt this poem mainly its the only that really spoke to me. I like thats about the love that is never in our intention to have.

WAS the first fruits of the battle of Missionary Ridge. When I felt the bullet enter my heart

I wished I had staid at home and gone to jail For stealing the hogs of Curl Trenary, Instead of running away and joining the army. Rather a thousand times the county jail

Than to lie under this marble figure with wings,

And this granite pedestal Bearing the words"Pro Patria"

What do they mean, anyway?

1st Draft

The first draft is done, but I want read through it a few times to see what i want to change for the second draft myself before I recieve feedback from others. It will most likely be up in a few days.


A self conscious high school dropout tries to save his failing relationship with his girlfriend by asking for her hand in marriage.

6/18/14 - here is the link to the first draft


6/20/14 - i finished the 2nd draft and added two more scenes into this whole thing. I'm still debating whether or not I should keep them in.



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