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Brian Kanagi

Owner at Privileged




Brand: Privileged

Slogan: "Taking ordinary to new heights."

Location: Los Angeles, CA


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What is Privileged?
Privileged comes from the world famous area of Los Angeles. The county as a whole consists of 88 cities and is home to more than 9.9 million people. Los Angeles is well known for its celebrity population, but among that select group are millions of ordinary people. To a different extent, everyone that lives in or moves to L.A. wants to be a success and enjoy the finer things that the city, and even the world, has to offer. In other words, people want to live a life of privilege.

However, despite the spotlight, the majority of people get lost in the crowd. Privileged represents all the ordinary people that aspire to do great things. Generally these are the people who weren’t “born with a silver spoon” and have to find their own path to success. Some have already achieved their goal, while others are hustling every day to achieve theirs.

“Taking ordinary to new heights.”

The idea behind this was pretty simple. I believe when people think of the word “ordinary” they usually think negatively. However, the reality is that ordinary is what most people and things are. Not everything is spectacular. To me, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s about how an individual does whatever it is that he or she does. For example, the typical person ends up working a 9-5 job. One might try to improve their position and move up while another just settles into a comfort zone and remains stagnant forever. The two people are still living an ordinary life working a full time job, but one is doing it better than the other, or “reaching new heights.”

Logo Inspiration
The inspiration for the logo comes from being based out of Los Angeles, or “City of Angels.” There is an angel wing to represent Los Angeles, but it is also tied into the meaning behind the brand’s slogan. An ordinary person is usually limited to where he or she can go, both geographically and in life. That might not be true if an individual was able to find the necessary passion and motivation, or “wings,” to succeed. With wings, there’s no telling what heights a person will go.



Season 0
Most people would start their brand off with "Season 1," but my idea behind "Season 0" is that it was my debut collection. I did make more pieces than some people would with their first line, however, I don't think of this as a full season. I want my next collection, "Season 1," to be bigger and better. Season 0 was for me to test the waters and get my brand started. Season 1 will be my first full collection where I have a better understanding of the industry and what's expected from a clothing brand. That said, here's quick look at the first pieces I did for Privileged. The theme for this was simple. I'm based in the L.A. area and wanted the introduction to reflect that.

See the full Season 0 lookbook here:

Jeri Lee for Privileged
I recently had the chance to work with Jeri Lee on a photoshoot. She is featured in items from the debut collection, along with a coaches jacket set to release for the next collection.

See the full Jeri Lee lookbook here:


Events // Tradeshows // Website Features

Launch Party at Yojie
To kick off the launch of my debut collection, I threw a launch party at a local spot called Yojie. If you're in the Southern California area then you likely have heard of it. We had drinks, music, food and more. It was a good way for me to make people aware of Privileged. See more at

Pop Up Shop at Bait
In an effort to generate more brand awareness, as well as sales, I had a pop up shop at Bait in Diamond Bar. Many of you have probably heard of Bait from their shoe collabs with Asics and Reebok. This was a nice opportunity to meet some new people and let them know what Privileged is all about. See more at

The Bank Sale
I've had the chance to do a couple trade shows so far, but due to the cost have been unable to take part in the bigger ones. My very first show for Privileged is coming up on February 8th at The Bank Sale. This is a big streetwear expo with performances and celebrity hosts. I'm definitely looking forward to the event. If you're in Southern California, come through and check things out.

*** UPDATE 02/23 ***

It's been a little while since I've been on Skillshare, but I wanted to share the experience from my first trade show. The Bank Sale took place two weeks ago. My feelings after the event are a bit mixed -  a little good and more bad. It was definitely cool for me to be a part of for the first time as I didn't really know what to expect from it. I got to make sales and gain some exposure for the brand. I also talked to a lot of people, some of which I might be able to connect and work with in the future. And shout out to Allen with Anonymous Creations. He's taking this class too and we were able to link up at the show. That's about it as far as the good news. During set up for the show, I was told by one of the people running it that they were having several buyers coming. These buyers would be let in before the public entrance. However, this never happened. I was there early hoping to meet with some buyers and show them my collection, but people weren't allowed in until the start time. Even then I only spotted a couple buyers walking through and most seemed to be owners of other brands that were coming to check out the event. I was a bit disappointed with this. Additionally, the event was more of a rap concert than what was marketed as "the biggest streetwear expo in the world." It definitely wasn't that. There was loud music throughout the event, making it difficult to communicate with people that were coming to the booths. The music performances also took away all attention from the vendors. The show was made possible by the vendors and I don't think the people running it catered to us that way. It was more about the music than the brands. Prior to The Bank Sale, I had attended the Venue Trade Show just to check things out. That show is definitely more of what I would like to be a part of. There were well-known buyers that came out and the event was all about promoting and helping the brands that were there. If you're thinking of doing a show in L.A., I'd reccomend checking out Venue. As of right now, I probably wouldn't do The Bank Sale again. That said, here's a couple pictures from the event.

My booth set-up - I gave away Red Vines to everyone that came by as a way to get them to stop and check things out. I also released some new products for the first time at the show. See below for more.

Me making a sale haha

A shot of some of the crowd

Ty Dolla $ign performing

I'm taking a season off to get on schedule with all the other brands. In the meantime, I had these made for The Bank Sale and sold them there for the first time. I will be releasing what's left of them online soon to keep people's attention during my offseason.

"Signature" Ostrich Strapback Hats

"New Heights" Coaches Jacket

Website Features
So far, Privileged has received some recognition from various websites/blogs. All the features below are for the brand's debut collection.

Modern Life Mag -

The Illest Street Magazine (Poland) -

Causeineedit (Spain) - 

Style Engine - 



Promotional Materials

Buttons - These are some buttons that I've done for Privileged. I did these all myself so I didn't need to pay anyone to do them for me. They are free with all orders. I'm in the process of getting stickers made and also some posters from the photoshoot with Jeri Lee. I will be sure to add those here whenever I get them done.

Stickers - I just got these in the other day. I wanted to have a logo sticker and a way for people to be driven to the website. Eventually I want to do stickers with some of my designs on them, but less quantity than I have for these. If anybody knows of a good sticker place with good pricing please let me know.

Posters - I had these made to put on display for The Bank Sale. My hope was that it would draw people's attention better than a normal sign would or even a booth without any signs. I didn't have a big banner made, but these helped for sure. (Please excuse the iPhone quality picture)


Sales Collateral

Order sheet for Season 0.


Please check back for more to come. This is all for my debut collection. I'm currently working on the next one. I'd love to get your feedback so far. Thanks for looking!

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Email: [email protected]


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