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Brian Kanagi

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Name: Brian Kanagi

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Brand: Privileged

Slogan: "Taking ordinary to new heights."



Here's a little background about Privileged before jumping into things. I've had it as a business for the past 5 months. It's currently an online store where I sell Supreme stuff, along with some shoes and Kaws pieces. Right now, my main priority is reselling, but there's a bigger goal behind all of it. My plan for this from the beginning was to generate funding from these sales and develop a following for Privileged. I was planning to do it for a couple seasons, then slowly transition away from it and push out my own brand of clothing. About a month ago, I decided that I wanted my debut season to be in the fall/winter of this year. The idea of starting a clothing brand has been lingering for few years, so I figured if I didn't go for it now then I never would. So, here I am.

I discovered this Skillshare class rather late based on when the deadline for submitting projects is, so I'm a little behind. Developing the brand is in the beginning stages. I'm sure most of you are a lot further along. This is what I have so far. Hopefully I'll be able to share a few designs in the next day or two.

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Email: [email protected]


What is Privileged?

Privileged comes from the world famous area of Los Angeles. The county as a whole consists of 88 cities and is home to more than 9.9 million people. Los Angeles is well known for its celebrity population, but among that select group are millions of ordinary people. To a different extent, everyone that lives in or moves to L.A. wants to be a success and enjoy the finer things that the city, and even the world, has to offer. In other words, people want to live a life of privilege.

However, despite the spotlight, the majority of people get lost in the crowd. Privileged represents all the ordinary people that aspire to do great things. Generally these are the people who weren’t “born with a silver spoon” and have to find their own path to success. Some have already achieved their goal, while others are hustling every day to achieve theirs.


“Taking ordinary to new heights.”

The idea behind this was pretty simple. I believe when people think of the word “ordinary” they usually think negatively. However, the reality is that ordinary is what most people and things are. Not everything is spectacular. To me, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s about how an individual does whatever it is that he or she does. For example, the typical person ends up working a 9-5 job. One might try to improve their position and move up while another just settles into a comfort zone and remains stagnant forever. The two people are still living an ordinary life working a full time job, but one is doing it better than the other, or “reaching new heights.” 


Wordmark & Logo

This is what I've been using for my website since I started it. Moving forward, the script would play as my brand's wordmark.

The logo below is the finished product that my friend made for me. We went through a lot of different ones before coming to this. I'm happy with it now. The inspiration for it is below the image.

Logo Inspiration

The inspiration for the logo comes from being based out of Los Angeles, or “City of Angels.” There is an angel wing to represent Los Angeles, but it is also tied into the meaning behind the brand’s slogan. An ordinary person is usually limited to where he or she can go, both geographically and in life. That might not be true if an individual was able to find the necessary passion and motivation, or “wings,” to succeed. With wings, there’s no telling what heights a person will go.


Debut Collection

Theme: Being based in Los Angeles, I wanted to the first season to involve that. Although that's the base of my theme for my first collection, not everyone piece will be directed specifically for L.A. I wanted to have a few items that just represented the brand itself. I feel like that's important to have in my first season.

Target: Although I can get into detail about this, I won't for now. It's generally the same as most people on here. My target audience is people that have an interest in streetwear and are fans of brands such as Supreme, Undftd, 10 Deep, Diamond, etc. The list can go on. I think the only difference for me is the simplicity factor. I will be staying away from anything cartoonish and colorful pieces. My goal is to keep things simple. You can read more about that below under "Developing The Brand."

Price: I don't have the set in stone yet, but I do have a basic idea of what I will be pricing items at. For the tees, I will be charging $24-30 based on the complexity of the design. I'm also planning to make snapbacks which I will charge $30 for, and beanies which I will charge $24 for. The prices may vary based on what my actual costs are, but this is generally where I would like them to be.


"Signature" Tee - Colors: Black & White

"Hollywood" Tee - Colors: Black (black/white) & Black (color)

I will probably only produce one option for this tee, but I haven't yet decided which one. Feedback would be appreciated.

"New Heights" Tee - Colors: White

"1992" Tee - Colors: Heather Grey

"Drive-By" L/S Tee - Colors: Black


Developing The Brand

Something for everyone

Dating back to when I first wanted to start a clothing brand, it was most important to me to create something for everyone. I personally have never been a skater, so I wasn’t going to start up a skate brand and have that be my target market. I’m more of a sports person, but I also didn’t want to focus on just that. I think people that are into street wear are interested in a bunch of different styles. A skater might like sports stuff, while a sports fanatic might like skate stuff. For example, brands like Supreme and Diamond Supply Co. have skateboarding roots, but their audiences today are much larger than that. Since Supreme started as a skate brand, I’ve seen people say stuff like “If you don’t skate then you shouldn’t be wearing Supreme.” I think that’s ridiculous to say. At the end of the day, clothes are clothes. It doesn’t matter who wears it. My inspiration comes from everywhere and my goal is to make products that anybody can enjoy. 


Part of being able to make something for everyone is making simple products. Not necessarily in design, but more in color ways. I’m 23, which is about in the middle of the target market range of ages 13-35. At this age, I don’t see myself wearing colorful t-shirts with big and colorful designs. I like a good design, but I like the item itself to be simpler, with the exception of camouflage. For that reason, the majority of clothing made by Privileged will have a black base. I will also be using white, grey and occasionally darker colors like navy or burgundy. 



I've come a long way since the last time I updated my project. I was behind most people as far as the date I submitted this, but I've put everything together and my brand has been launched. I had a launch party a few weeks ago at Yojie Japanese Fondue, which is a popular restaurant in my area and also known for hosting similar events. I've received features from a few different websites for my lookbook and current collection. Check it all out below.

Launch Party


Modern Life Mag -

The Illest Street Magazine (Poland) -

Causeineedit (Spain) - 

Style Engine - 


See the whole lookbook here:


Find Privileged





Email: [email protected]

If anyone wants to get in touch, feel free to contact me. Go ahead and leave your social media accounts and/or emails in a comment below. Like I mentioned above, I just recently got on Skillshare, so if you have a project you'd like me to check out then let me know as well. Thanks for stopping by!


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