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Prioritizing & Do: The end of the endless to-do list

January 24th 2014

Just decided to take my first class in Skillshare, and thought: Hey, I need a push in productivity!!!
These are the things i'm really bad at:

- I am an over-acheiver (Sometimes it's my biggest problem): I do and do, and focus what could have been done, instead of looking at what I already did and tap myself on the back. My to-do-lists get bigger as I achieve more. I always seem to be wanting to do more. 

- I'm great with organizing tasks per day, but there is no real structure, and I always find myself going back to that list and re-organizing it, and adding stuff to it, instead of actually going down to it and DO-ing! 

- Also, I procrastinate ALOT. Never thought of myself as someone with short attention span, but it's about time I admit that. I would be browsing something, or attempting to get a project done, and i would quickly jump and open another tab of something i remembered, or write an email, or do something completely irrelevant. That kills my tasks, and what would normally take one hour, would take 4. 

- Another thing: I don't look at the bigger picture and focus on doing NOW what I have to do NOW. I always tend to gravitate towards the fun tasks that I want to do, and those are almost always the least important. 
I never seem to learn to prioritize, and start by the things that are most important to do. 

- I'm a freelancer, and apart from my work, I'm involved in more than 4 initiatives/outside projects. Sometimes I can't help but feel that I need a system to sustain all those things that I do. How can I make sure that I'm not spending too much time on on thing? How can i divide my schedule in a way to structure those different jobs I have to take? How can I let meetings not get in the way?(maybe leave one day a week for meetings only?)

sooo....I guess that's it! My flaws and fears!

Those are my quiz results, and let's do this!


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