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A little bit of background why I started Quotes Ninja, I am a firm believer that quotes play a part in our lives. No matter what kind of situations you're in, there're always quote that can relate to you and act as motivations in a positive way.

Right, so as I am a web developer by nature; I managed to set up my site from ground up by myself and with limited knowledge on SEO, I have managed to apply what I needed to on my site.

I thought It's gonna be a smooth sail once the site has launched but apparently I learnt the hard way that it's a nightmare to get your site showed on SERP.

I've tinkered with the keywords on each product, added more product content but I am not a professional in this so I find this course very important and helpful for my needs.

I would appreciate it very much if fellow learners or teachers can visit my site and throws me any feedback, ideas, or advices on how I can improve my sites from any angles, be it: design, content, keywords, etc.

Another thing I would like to find out is Blog. I understand that it's important to add blog to any site to help with the search engine indexing or visibility but I have 0 experience with blog.

If blog is a must to have, what kind of topics do you think I should post for the site?


Thank you.


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