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Print Cut Pattern

What is Print Cut Pattern?

Print Cut Pattern is architectural decor which can transform the quality and character of your favorite everyday spaces.

The products are graphic sculptural surfaces that you can easily attach to the existing surfaces of your space such as walls, windows, ceilings, table tops, etc.

The raw sheets of material can be ink printed or 3D printed, scissor cut or laser cut, and sculpted into three-dimensional architectural patterns.  You get to be the designer and customize your own print, cut, and pattern or pick a pre-designed surface off the shelf.

Check out my pinterest board to see the design flavor of Print Cut Pattern

Below is a picture of a quick paper mock up example.

MEANING: If my company did not exist, you would be stuck living in bland boring rooms, which just feels BLAH. You deserve more inspiring spaces to experience your everyday life.

QUESTION: You are where you live and you probably spend 90% of your life inside bland boring rooms.  Therefore,  how can you design those rooms where you spend most of your time to be more exciting, inspiring, fun, and feel more like you?

MANTRA: Room to Design Your Experience

        or      Experience Your Space Differently

        or      Design Transform Experience

        or      Room to Improve 

            (Which one do you think works best? Any other suggestions?)

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On a side note, I have some options for other names that aren't as long as Print Cut Pattern.  Let me know if any of these resonate more with you...

Surface Sculpture

Fuse Forms

Texture Forms

Modern Mashup

BACKSTORY: Like many young adults who have recently moved into a new home, my wife and I have been trying to find time to make the design of each room feel more like us.  The house came with beige paint which is warmer than white, but still feels kinda BLAH.  We want to surround ourselves with fun modern art and decor with an architectural flavor (think Piet Mondrian meets Frank Gehry).  I could go pick out a cool art installation from the MOMA to bring home, but I can't afford to buy world-class art since we just spent our life savings on a house.  You might be thinking that we could go to Target and pick out some furniture, pillows, and non-beige paint to get fun, modern, and affordable design into our house.  Well, you're right, however, the walls and ceilings are so overwhelmingly empty and flat that we need to do more than just paint and pillows.  So if we're going to experience most of our lives in these rooms, how can we affordably transform the backdrop of our everyday spaces from blah to inspiring?





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