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Print Ads - Radha

2/20/2014 Thursday:

Hey Folks! 

So I started the class a couple days ago and chose an easy print ad to do that he suggested. It's part of this campaign Amtrak Connect had:

I thought they were pretty clever. The one specifically I chose to do is the Carolinian one:

I'm just hoping to track my progress! Here's what I have so far...I've done the letters & wifi signal as well as started on the light house. 

My goal in the end is to be able to do another more complicated design once the class is over! (: 

So I finished the Carolinian Ad - 

here is some of the progress I made on it:

You can see how I did the water. I found a typeface that was relatively close to the type at the bottom. I started to mess with the kerning to get the spacing but decided just to make them separate elements and move them accordingly. I didn't get a chance to screenshot how I did the logo but I basically found an amtrak logo online and then used the Tracing action to get a basic outline. I didn't perfect it but I thought for the purpose of understanding Illustrator...this would be good enough (:. 

First looks at my project - I would say the 'R' in Carolinian is a bit off as well as the last ')' in the WiFi part...This would be because I pen tooled everything except for the type at the bottom. Can anyone tell me how to get more accurate with shapes like this?

Give me feedback or opinions if you have anything that could help me improve! Also, currently looking for a bit more complicated print ad designs to get better at this. 


Friday 02/21/2014:

So in comparison to yesterday...I decided to try something a bit different. I wanted to take a photo print ad and remake it in illustrator with my own style. I picked this SCANDAL ad (this show is bomb btw):

And I remade it to this:

Feedback anyone? Would be greatly appreciated! (: 


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