Principality of Club Monaco

Principality of Club Monaco - student project

Founded in Toronto in 1985, Club Monaco is an international lifestyle brand that offers affordable luxury with a modern sensibility. Headquartered in New York City in the heart of west Chelsea’s gallery district, Club Monaco appeals to the creative consumer—a group of cultural influencers who mix fashion must-haves with timeless classics. Our brand represents a distinctly urban-casual point of view, best defined as a sophisticated play of opposites: mixing vintage with new, hard with soft and eclectic with minimal.

Club Monaco Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets clothing, accessories, and home collections. It offers products ranging from clothing and accessories to eyewear, watches, sunglasses, and cosmetics for men and women. Club Monaco Corporation operates its own stores in North America, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Seoul, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. The company was founded in 1985 and is based in Toronto, Canada. As of May 5, 1999, Club Monaco Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Ralph Lauren Corporation.

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Recent attention to manufacturing conditions / increasing demand for fair trade clothing?

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Apparel brands are growing online sales faster than any other consumer goods manufacturers


Canadians, <40 who purchased clothing & accessories 
- 6% purchased online 
- 29% did online research before purchasing offline
- 38% did no research before purchasing
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FEEL - Fashion in general is fairly emotional. Although Club Monaco is not luxury or haute couture, it is still a higher end retailer which relies on creating an aspirational brand personality. More thought can come into the consumer journey when comparing prices, looking for utility, company values, etc.

MID INVOLVEMENT - Club Monaco doesn't sell wedding dresses, but they also don't sell ten packs of gym socks. 

Stephen Tait

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