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PrincethePugg | Prince Reefer

Hi everyone! My name is Kayla Reefer and this is my Pug, his name is Prince.

I know this may be a bit of a different project for this class seeing as everyone is submitting for their personal accounts but as odd as it may seem I've acquired quite a big following from taking photographs of my puppy. 

The madness began in July of last year and since then has skyrocketed into what it is now.

These are the 9 photographs that I feel represent my Instagram brand. I'll be taking a step back to refresh the account and get back to its' original aesthetic. Basically, I'd like it to be a perfect mesh between 3 elements. Outdoors (streets, nature, parks), At the Office (Workspace), and the in the Studio (colorful background). It's been very hard keeping a consistent blend of the 3, and as of recently I feel as though I've fallen off track with it which is why I've chosen these older posts. As of late I've just been posting photos for the sake of posting because I've noticed if I go too long without uploading our following and interest decreases. I realized in one of the lessons however that Gareth said not to just post anything/everything as that can harm the consistency and feel of the brand.

Any advice, guidance, suggestions etc. on how to create and maintain this blend I'm going for is truly appreciated. 

A few weeks ago I changed the IG handle from PrincethePugg to its current one (PrinceReefer), making it less generic and easier to find, there were 5 or 6 other accounts that would come up when searching the first handle. With the name change I solved that problem avoiding any further confusion. 

I also updated the account bio and profile picture today. The next step will be shooting enough content ahead of time and creating the consistency that I'm looking for. Be sure to check out the account and let me know what you think of it as of late. It'll help steer me in the right direction :)



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