Princesses Shari and Tamu

Princesses Shari and Tamu - student project

This class is a challenge. I seem to be a line person.

My royal twins are Shari, aggressive in Swahili, and Tamu, mild in Swahili. As I draw with pencil and sketchpad, I definitely put lines - though light ones - on Tamu in order to create her. I wanted the princesses to have names that defined their personalities in some language, so I was delighted to find words that sound like names for "aggressive" and "mild" in Swahili.

Here are the first sketches.

Princesses Shari and Tamu - image 1 - student project

Then I needed to decide on the colors in which to clothe them. I knew Shari needed to be waving weaponry and Tamu would be carrying the ledger books. She keeps up with the kingdom's finances.

My favorite color is purple. I'm a purple person so I opted for purple boots with other purple sections on the clothes. Pink seems a natural for princesses and pink and purple go together nicely, so they are pink and purple in dress. Their hair is black, their eyes are brown, their lips are red. Jewelry is gold. 

Princesses Shari and Tamu - image 2 - student project

After coloring in these drafts, I decided the pointed hemlines look too much like cheerleader skirts so I am modifying the outfit lines but not the basic idea. Am hoping to turn out a final pair of twins early next week.

Finally finished my twins. I've decided that for this class I need a software program to create them digitally rather than my old-fashioned, old-standard art tools. I think they would look better digitally. Tamu could use more color, too. I do like these twins and, if I ever get a drawing software program, I hope to recreate Shari and Tamu and bring them to life.

Here's they are now.

Princesses Shari and Tamu - image 3 - student project

This was a great class, Brian! I learned so much, even though I feel like my project doesn't demonstrate it well. Thank you so much for all the knowledge you pass on.