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Prince of Thorns - Drop Cap T

Prince of Thorns is the first book in the Broken Empire series by Mark Lawrence. It's addictive.

Since I finished the first book not too long ago, I figured it would be a good choice. It's a dark, violent, and mysterious novel. The story is told through the eyes of Jorg, the main character who is quite witty, charming, dark, extremely violent and psychotic. Set in a post-apocalyptic-medieval realm, what's not to love?

I have a habit of hiding my work from the world and only letting people see what I'm up to when I think it's up to par. My mission is to ditch that frame of mind so I'm looking forward to hearing some delicious feedback :) Thanks guys!

Here's my first brainstorm session:

It seemed quite obvious at first, my brain went straight for, "Thorns!! Thorns everywhere! Prince of THORNS!" But once I got that out of my system I was able to come up with some other imagery. Below are some initial thumbnail sketches. 

The winner for me was the one in which the T acts like the blade of a sword. The other was the one in which the T was divided down the middle, into a dark side and light side (there being two sides to every story). I believe these images suited the novel best and could easily be understood by people who haven't read the book.

Now here's where I ran into my first block. Below is a much more developed sketch of the sword idea:

I'm afraid I've completely lost the drop cap and I may have gone over the cheese board if you know what I mean...

I thought I could fix it by pulling it into Illustrator and working some vector magic but I soon realized I was totally mistaken. Since then I've scratched this idea and moved onto another.

Since the book involves so much death and the main character is plagued by so many of his past demons, after taking astep back, I allowed myself to play a bit with some new imagery. This is the new result:

Now I've pulled this one into illustrator and I'm currently working on it. Please let me know your thoughts while I work away!


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