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Prince and the Fox

After watching the lesson, I was thinking about animals I like and which I would find inspiring for the project. After doing a little research, I wasn't sure if I would pick a panda or a fox. I tried sketching both, and the panda looked very cartoon-like, and the fox was just terrible! ;)

So I started researching both animals, and found out they were almost opposites on many levels:

- Pandas are almost extinct and foxes are easy to find;

- Pandas are shy and peaceful, and foxes go for what they want;

- Pandas are slow and foxes are fast;

- Pandas rarely eat other animals, and rather eat bamboo, and foxes not only hunt smaller animals, they are cruel to them.

Because of all this differences, i thought maybe I would do a project on both, having a lot of conceptual contrasts to play with. But after sketching a while, I realized that it would be too much for this project.

As i played with the words a bit, I loved how the "F" of fox has such a similar shape to the foxe's tail, so I went with it!!

I drew letters and foxes in many different integrations, such as:


-"Fox" written with details of the tail;


-Playing with the back of the fox, so the tail is the "O";


-Having the letters adapt to the fox's face, and from that I drew the drop cap.

And then I started creating the thumbnails. But as Mary Kate did in the video, I wanted to have 2 words with a meaning, a back story. So I thought on the fox of "The Little Prince" (from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), and how the fox is portrayed as a friend to the Prince and teaches him the value of friendship. I wanted to show their closeness in all of the thumbnails (I want to design them as posters in the future). So I played with the Hand-lettering and with the way I would distribute each element on the page.




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