Prime Lens Project

Hello Class!!

I'm Jill, a new and aspiring photographer located in Kansas City, MO. My style is a fusion of natural light and lifestyle photography. I chose to use my new 50 mm lens for this project because, well its my only prime lens! As I gradually build into this hobby I'm sure I will acquire more gadgets and lens but for now I'm happy with my 50 mm 1.8 prime lens.

Recently I was asked to take some maternity photos for a friend and I was very pleased with the images. I really pushed myself to use my 50 mm lens for the entire session, forcing myself to physically adapt to the framing I wanted. Part of the session we shot inside a local green house (harsh light alert), with this being a public location, with customers, the idea of shooting here really intimidated me. Further more, not being able to rely on a zoom pushed my prior session anxiety through the roof. But when it was all said and done, I was so proud of myself for stepping up to the challenge and out of my comfort zone.

Using this prime lens made me feel more aware of my surroundings. I needed pay extra attention to my body positioning, my body language, and even the way I spoke to my subjects. My style of shooting needed to reflect and compliment the close proximity of myself and my subjects. I loved using my prime lens but more than using it, I loved the images it captured. I felt the lens and my positioning allowed for emotions to be captured that I maybe hadn't seen being further away.

So pictured below is the gorgeous mom-and-dad-to-be, shot on a Cannon EOS Rebel T5 with 50mm lens f/2.5





Thanks for any feedback you are willing to give!! I look forward to hearing other opinions.

All The Best,



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