Priest of Death

Priest of Death - student project


I've finally finished the project! I added some textures (although there's not much to add texture to) and fixed mistakes.

Here is the final version:

Priest of Death - image 1 - student project

Here are some color variations I made, but those aren't so great.

Priest of Death - image 2 - student project

This was fun. I might work some more on this someday. i definitely learned some interesting new things. :)


I rarely have time to work on this, but finally got around to more or less completing the 2nd stage of the coloring lesson. Still a lot of mistakes to fix and details to add.

Priest of Death - image 3 - student project


I've not yet finished the greyscale painting completely, but it's mostly done (only the staff and flowers there are still rough), and I really want to update again and watch the next lesson on colors. Have a look at my process so far. I put a lot of work in the details so far and I'm pretty satisfied with it. :)

Priest of Death - image 4 - student project



I added flowers and feathers to the spear and made the legs a bit longer. Also started painting on top of my lines. That's not a technique I usually use, so it's taking me quite a while.

Priest of Death - image 5 - student project

Stage 2 - 1:

Added the light source and some first shading. I wonder if I can add some more stuff to the outfit because I feel like there is a lack of details... maybe I'll add a flower garland slung over the left shoulder, or something with feathers to get a bit more of that Aztec touch I'd like to have.
I should probably mention that for this stage I'm using Paint Tool SAI, because I don't have the newest version of Photoshop and just am more comfortable with my tools in SAI. As long as no complicated layer work is done I'll stick to this program and switch to Photoshop for the advanced work/coloring later.

Priest of Death - image 6 - student project



For this project I chose an old sketch of an OC I made a while ago and created a full body sketch of a priest of death. Originally I wanted to make him look more like an Aztec warrior/priest, but the clothes I sketched out don't look much like Aztec clothes - I went for as little clothes as possible and tried incorporating a lot of bones into the design, something more sexy, haha. :P

Priest of Death - image 7 - student project