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Pride & Prejudice

For my project I chose "Pride and Prejudice." Although I've heard about it many, many times, I read it for the first time very recently. I fell in love with Jane Austen's quirky/cheeky style of writing, particularly how she indirectly (and sometimes very directly) pokes fun at her characters and their situations. So for my book cover I wanted to conver this playful tone of hers while still maintaining the vintage/olde english feel of the era. 

To me, the book's key moments always focused on the romantic stories of two characters - not only that of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, but of many other characters (her sisters, Binglery, Collins, Wickham, etc..) - so I wanted to portray a male and female figure on the cover as a way of alluring to the prominence of the theme of male/female relationships and interactions. Along with this imagery, I focused on playing with the placement of the text. In this first comp, I've placed the title accross the female's chest and the man's crotch - I like to think it mirrors that sense of playfulness/poking fun at characters and their situations that is so prominent in Austen's writing. This design is aimed at an audience that is already familiar with Austen's quirky style of writing, and likely have already read "Pride and Prejudice" (I know many people who have read this book multiple times because they love it so much). 

I like the idea, but I don't know if it's a little too silly/isn't communicating very well. I'm looking for feedback on the concept and ways that I can improve the imagery. NOTE: this is a very rough comp, so this is not necessarily the typeface, image and colors that I will use for the final. 

Some other ideas I had were:

- having a male and female figure in the front cover (dressed th 19th century fashion) and on the back cover having the same figures but with open backs so you see their butts/underwear (hint to the theme of transparency/seeing past the many layers that people have with a playful twist)

- A male and female profile sillhouette (like in old pendants) and the title appear inside the heads (as the book deals a lot wiht our mental perceptions/what goes on in the character's heads) - this one feels a bit generic tho..

Any and all thoughts appreciated. :)



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