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Cecilia Villegas

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Pride & Prejudice Challenge

One of the classic novels of all times; Pride & Prejudice it's a challenge in terms of cover design, since it's been around for 200 years since it was published in 1813.

As you can imagine it has many interpretations of the cover, including the most known version of the pen-and-ink peacock illustration made by Hugh Thomson, a clear depiction of Pride and wealth so present in the entire story. 

My initial moodboard shows the artistic elements and historical trends that I found relevant, inspiring and related with the themes of the book, the feel of the narrative and the artistic background in the time of the publication of the book. 

Looking at some of the many cover versions made for this book, we can see the repeated use of the peacock in different illustrative ways, expressing the pride and status of the social classes constantly present in the story. Also, many naturalistic abstractelements typical from the romantic and classical trends of the time. Also, many illustrations of the human relationships and common activities of the main characters in the book.

After reviewing the previous designs for the cover and the style of the time I set out to build my own inspiration moodboard taking into account the feelings and moods that you can encounter when reading Pride and Prejudice: the complexity of human relationships, Sweeteness in sisterly bonds, and "Love conquers all" feeling in the end.  I think this represents the aesthetic of what this wonderful story conveys.

I am truly happy with the result, it expresses the concept I was aiming for: sweet & powerful love that can conquer all.

An abstract illustration that conveys the concept of two people adapting and accepting their faults, falling quietly but sweetly in love with each other, in true acceptance of their personalities and nature. They set aside their pride and prejudice and accept each other completely, what a beautiful way to fall in love, maybe not as glamorous as you might see in the movies but softly, and intensely all the same.


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