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Price Hacking The Book Depository for Cheaper Books

Please note that I have changed this project to reflect the course that I am now working on. I will be completing the "Automate and Monetize your Tumblr Blog" course next.


1) The Class title is :

Price Hacking The Book Depository for Cheaper Books

2) The Class Description is:

In this course I will demonstrate my legal price hacking techniques for saving up to 37% or more off the cost of Book Depository books. These techniques are simple and can be replicated by anyone. Take this course and save money today!

(I've also included a picture that shows a 37% saving)

3) Project Title:

Price Hack The Book Depository

4) Project Description:

"Using your VPN price hack The Book Depository. 


1) Post a screenshot of the original Book Depository prices.
2) Post a screenshot of the prices after price hacking.
See if you can beat my massive 38% discount!"

(I've included a picture of my 38% discount)

5) Video Lesson Outline

6) Introduction Video

My introduction video can be found here -

7) Link to my completed class:


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