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Prez Powerz - Fame Island


UPDATE 2 - EVERYTHING ELSE (from newest to oldest)

I didn't have much of the time to really interact with the class this time around but I did focus a lot on the project and have something I think is finished. I went with a 'opening night' style on the red carpet. Where the screenager is in total bliss surrounded by the murderazzi (murderous paparazzi) and fans.

Had a lot of fun with adjustments and taking a lot of time on texturing each element separately. It took me some time but it was worth it to learn. Next time it'll be quicker. I'll use a lot of what I learned in the future I think too.

It might be a little chaotic but that was sort of the idea, sensory overload on fame island. (like time square).

Click the first image here to see it's full sized view... or any of them actually.

with/without sharpen

Detail shots to follow then the process


Heres some early work as it built up. Revisions etc. Going all the way back to sketches.

a close to finished version

less texture

No texture yet - All the shapes just about finished here. I ended up changing the head some in final and adding some more detail. but this was general final layout

He used to have a more casual blazer. layout coming together though

Prior to adding in the crowd

Very preliminary

Was originally going to be a very sunny picture, island vibe. But it evolved into the night scene

Before I even had a red carpet!

rough sketches of screenager



1) I'm choosing my brothers band, who I am overdue to create the album art for anyway, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to start. Prez Powerz - Fame Island is a concept album about the fame island where people get shipped off to to become one of the plastic people. The passengers arrive to neon lights, LA style plastic humans, giant screens, advertisements everywhere, etc. Prez Powerz and the Future People battle with music to snap these drones out of it and defeat the evil doers in control. 

I want this piece to be very beautiful, blue skies, white clouds, sun, sandy beach or LA style cityscapes. Neon lights may play factors in the lighting, along with the sun. I want to do a bit of the onboarding process (waking up off the cruise ship and being welcomed to fame island) or a bit of someone walking through the downtown of it, with all kinds of time square style billboards around him. Regardless, I want to show how fucked up fame island is, but not in a dark way, an overly bright way. 

I did prez's last album art which was a bit dark and gloomy. I've come a long way since then I believe and on this one plan to have a lot more freedom on the art style. This previous was working from photos and trying to make the characters realistic. This time I wont be as constrained there, leaving more room to focus on the courses purpose.

I'm going to work on a mood board tomorrow I think for style, colors, lighting styles, buildings etc. I'll likely use pinterest or just a photoshop canvas to get it all in one place.

Check out Prez Powerz music here On Vimeo



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