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Carlos Velasquez

Prey Apparel



Prey Apparel : Hustle in the Struggle to Stay Alive

We are prey.

We are the prey of a ruling class profiting off our fear, addiction and lust. As prey, all we can do is find a hustle in the struggle. This is the hustle and artwork of prey finding their way thru the market, inspired by the struggle of our ancestors and the fight of prey trying to stay ALIVE.

We don't live like rappers. We're not popping bottles or partying with models. No celebrities, no sexy women seducing us with their bodies. We're about shining the light on the little people at the bottom fighting, hustling and working hard to rise above their current conditions. Prey is taking a different angle on a lifestyle brand and merging it with a charity, common good approach. We want to encourage generosity, activism, compassion and volunteers. By partnering with the local homeless shelters and programs we intend to bring an edge, muscle and teeth to acts of charity. Prey donates a portion of our proceeds to homeless shelters and is currently volunteering design and social media work for OPCC in Santa Monica to raise awareness and help brand their different programs.

The theme for our 1st collection will be themed around the asthetic of ancient spiritual mandalas drawn by mystics, shamans and prophets. Using the symmetrical balanced vortex patterns juxtaposed with imagery of oppresive elements in the world that preys on the common masses to control and dictate our behavior. These patterns that illustrate a meditative practice will convey the truth of what holds humanity back.

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