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Preview Clothing is a one-man-project from Jyvaskyla, Finland. Located in Central Finland to be more specific. All started as a hobby which it still is. To keep it short, Preview Clothing is inspired by street culture, nature, arts, creativity & small brands. Preview is all about passion towards those things and that is where we belong to. We want to offer something special just for you.

A little about my own background, I'm a 30 year old Bachelor of Business Administration and my main studies were marketing. I have done bunch or graphics for bunch of companies and have won some graphic design contests (main one Girl Skateboards graphic for Mike Mo's pro deck couple years ago). I do almost everything by myself from graphic designing to garment designing to photography to web design to advertising to sewing to manufacturer sourcing and so on.



The nature plays big part of the brand. There is untouched land everywhere around you in Finland. Forests, lakes and even small mountains. Lovely country in summer and even on the freezing winter time.


I also love to try things out and go with DIY stuff. Here is Preview's low budget home studio for product photos.

For me it's important to have your own touch in the clothes and I don't mean that you have your own labels for your stuff. I mean making something by yourself into the garments. I sew the tags on to the shirts, made the card pouches from start to finish, made the patterns to the pockets for pocket tees, cutted them and sewn them to the shirts etc. It's all been a teaching experience for myself and will do it in the future too.


Manufacturing and finding the right manufacturers can be tricky. Especially for small companies like Preview. It's very hard to find a manufacturer to match your quality, quantities and price. It took me over a year to find my hat manufacturer but I'm really proud to say that Preview's new and future hats are manufactured in the EU. This might sound a bit selfish but I can honestly say that the Preview 5-panel caps made in the EU are the best quality ones I have ever seen in my life. Sounds ironic but trust me I own a lot of hats and I'm very picky about the quality and fit. The craftmanship is just simply amazing! Before this I've used couple different manufacturers overseas and it was all part of the pay and learn process. One of my future goals is that everything in future is produced in the EU.


These will be the first drop for Fall. Three water repellent 100% cotton duck canvas camp caps (burgundy and nutmeg hand treated with ecological parafin and wax mix). Insipiration for the colors came from Finnish Autumn. Also made some fine detailing and printed custom tags to recycled heavy weight paper. I think they came out nice. Will be releasing them on next wednesday night(October 16th) or thursday.

Beanies will be released on the drop two. Still need to figure out colors and there will be three colorways available on beanies too. This will be soon too. All proudly made in the EU.


Finally got these beanies and finished sewing the front labels on them today and did the usual DIY studio setup for the product shots. Proudly made in Finland. Not bragging or anything but I'm loving the fit and quality can't wait to produce some more later.


Samples just arrived and got some sneak PREVIEW photos of sneak preview photos. These are made in the EU. Quality over quantity. I'm going to adjust some small details of the shirts and the order should be made sometime on this week so these should be coming soon!


Spring is rolling in and it's time to do some new stuff. My first fully cut & sew pieces arrived (NFL inspired longsleeve shirt) and also couple new hats. These are going to be released on this Friday (14th of March). Made in the EU and stupid to say but the quality and fit is on point. I needed to improve the fit from the samples and now it's perfect. I'm quite happy with these and hope you like them too!


Finally had enough time to shoot the latest products & I have been working on new stuff as well. Hopefully will get those out in June. Got some fresh stickers too.


Got some patches made & also summer goodies are on their way to production and coming sooner than later. Also got some early sample for fall/winter. 100% merino wool beanie, made in Finland. There will be some other colors coming too but that's for later.


These are going to be out this Friday 18th of July. I'm really proud of these caps. The quality, materials and constructions are on point. My personal favourite is the soft fit vintage corduroy 6-panel polo cap, what is yours? As usual all made in the EU.


No updates in longtime. Just released new stuff for fall/winter and also updated the appearance of the webstore. I think the new "collection" is the best so far.

Feel free to leave feedback, advises or anything you can think of.



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