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Our Story

Prevail, by definition, means to triumph. To be victorious. To prove more powerful than opposing forces. Prevail is the story of everyone who has a dream that they want to achieve. Prevail is the story of our generation. It’s a life defining brand that will continue to grow as you, our consumer, grow. Our motto, ” Respected Locally, Recognized Globally”,  is something we firmly believe in. We thrive off of the success stories within our community, and aim to build a genuine relationship with everyone in it. As our community grows from our hometown of Los Angeles to neighborhoods across the world, our fashion credo is to use clothes as a medium to help become a source of inspiration for people chasing their dreams. Prevail grows as you grow because it isn’t just our story, it’s your story as well.

Spring '14 Inspiration

With our Spring '14 collection, we really wanted to focus on building on the momentum we were able to build in 2013. Progression is a word we take pride in and something we constantly aim to do. Being that it is the Year of the Horse in the Chinese calendar, we built a concept around that, but made it specific to our brand and what we represent. As individuals, we have always felt that people generally counted us out from the beginning. That's where we get the Dark Horse Contenders idea. That's exactly who we are as individuals and as a brand. People expected us to lose, but we're driven to win. Fusing a solid concept with athletic inspired garments, we are set to release 9 total pieces for this year's Spring season. 

Spring '14 Line Sheet

Spring '14 Lookbook

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Closing Statement

From the very beginning, i've always emphasized to our team the importance of having a concept when designing a collection. You can scroll through our old Instagram/Twitter posts, and you'll read our old tweets about how it isn't our intention to sell you guys a logo or a saturated design, but rather an idea. Our designs were never intricate, but they have always been more than just ink on cotton. We build stories and concepts around each design so people can relate to them on a personal level. So far, based on the reactions we have gotten on a daily basis, people are doing exactly that.

Thank you Jeff, and the rest of the Skillshare community for giving smaller brands an opportunity to showcase our story and products. Goodluck to everyone!


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