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Prevail Co.

Prevail Co.

"Respected Locally Recognized Globally"

The Story

Prevail, by definition, means to triumph. To be victorious. To prove more powerful than opposing forces. Prevail is the story of everyone who has a dream that they want to achieve. Prevail is the story of our generation. It’s a life defining brand that will continue to grow as you, our consumer, grow. Our motto, ” Respected Locally, Recognized Globally”,  is something we firmly believe in. We thrive off of the success stories within our community, and aim to build a genuine relationship with everyone in it. As our community grows from our hometown of Los Angeles to neighborhoods across the world, our fashion credo is to use clothes as a medium to help become a source of inspiration for people chasing their dreams. Prevail grows as you grow because it isn’t just our story, it’s your story as well.

The Logo / Wordmark

It's crazy how our logo was born. When we initially began drafting ideas and concepts about our brand, we never really focused on developing a logo. We didn't think it was important because it was never our intention to sell people a logo, but rather a story and a culture that they can be a part of. One evening, my business partner was up drafting a few designs for future seasons and came up with what you see above. It really caught our attention when we sat down and went through what we came up with for designs. We both thought that this was something we can use as our logo without it being so...forced or in your face. It resembles a rising sun. A rising sun itself is very symbolic and meaningful regardless of whichever way it is interpreted. It's a symbol that tells our story perfectly, as we too, rise from out of no where and into the horizon. 

Our wordmark, PRVL, is something very simple and direct. It is short for "Prevail" if you were wondering.

Rise of the Underdogs

Getting turned down numerous times when applying for internship positions with major brands, constantly being looked over by sales reps and managers whenever we attended tradeshows, our ideas being shot down, all these reasons made it extremely approrpiate to name our first collection "Rise of the Underdogs". That's exactly who we are and what our brand represents. Our brand represents the story of that freshman who couldn't make it on the basketball team because he was too small, but had the heart and passion for the game. We're that same kid who spent day and night perfecting his game so when tryouts came around again, he made sure the coach had no choice but to put him on. Regardless of how far we go, or the amount of goals we check off, we'll always have that underdog mentality. We'll always have something to prove. Always with a chip on our shoulder because that is exactly what we've been our entire lives, underdogs. Now, watch us rise.

Future Goals

We see our brand developing more into a culture. We want our consumers to be loyal to our brand. Product development is the one department that really has to expand over the years in order for Prevail to reach a certain level, and I believe it’s achievable. Aside from product development, we want exactly what our brand motto is and that is to be Respected Locally, Recognized Globally. What it means is that we want to expand worldwide, but still be able to come back to where we started and have that genuine love from the people that were there from the beginning.


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