Pretty Young Thing

Pretty Young Thing - student project


I wanted to give both, a casual script and a more formal script, a try...

I pulled a few of my favorites for inspiration:

Pretty Young Thing - image 1 - student project

To start, I did a bunch of pencil sketching for the formal script. For the casual, I went straight to marker. This was my first time - it's hard to get the entire phrase looking good all in one shot!

Pretty Young Thing - image 2 - student project

Pretty Young Thing! (I'm a MJ fan). I wanted to clean things up, so I brought it in to Illustrator. I feel like there are a few spots that aren't quite working/feel odd... Think I've been looking at it too long! Would love some feedback from fresh eyes.

Pretty Young Thing - image 3 - student project

Gamer Till I Die. (I'm most definitely not a gamer - unless you count pacman. This is for my boyfriend :)  This was my first marker script attempt. Tricky, but fun. I just need to keep practicing. 

Pretty Young Thing - image 4 - student project