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Pretty Words

catching lots of quiet moments. i think this is the most therapeutic thing i've ever done. struggling a little with flourishes though...thoughts?

trying to keep things a bit more simple, less curly! having some issues with spacing but trying to keep on keeping on. having such a good time doing it though! 

getting a lot more confident i feel like the words aren't complete without flourishes, which is the complete opposite of how i felt only three or four days ago. some letter like to go off kilter every now and again but i'm having fun. feeling so inspired!

writing down almost every song lyric or quote i hear - this is becoming an addiction! something by 'the feeling' for a gloomy monday morning. excuse my language...

something for a friend. i haven't put pen to paper for a few days after having a confidence crisis that i'd only been doing this a few weeks and i'm already stuck in a rut so i took a step back. i need to persevere!

i also have a personal preference niggling at the back of my mind. i dislike capitals (i'm sorry!!) but, visually, they throw off the balance of a word for me. however, i figure if i want to carry on with this...i better learn. wish me luck!

so i've been trying out capital letters...and (I think!) I'm doing okay...i feel like the swashes on these are too much. any thoughts?

a little practice tying my lettering in with illustrations...having so much fun!

much prefer my lower case 'f's this longer confusing them with 'b's! i'm also having a lot fo fun with capitals at last...let me know what you think!

i've been a bit short on time to practice but i'm still loving it. looking forward to experimenting with gouache and different coloured inks. does anyone have any personal favourites, tips or recommendations?

trying out something a little different today...attempting more of a slant but it's going to take some getting used to. i quite like it though...thoughts?

i finally managed to get my hands on some gouache and i'm addicted already! it took me a while to get the right consistency but molly's comparison of it to whole milk helped a lot and it's a lot smoother now. i can't stop mixing colours - all the reds and greens have got me feeling very christmassy! this is a little print for my mama who's hosting christmas this year.

for molly's challenge (and my christmas card design) i've chosen these lyrics from 'sleigh ride' in a wintry blue. any feedback is always greatly appreciated!

* i've noticed that a lot of people have done gouache on a dark background and i'm hoping it was okay to just do it in my sketchbook! 

working on the same quote as above but in my usual a dark blue gouache this time. i'm still having a bit of trouble mixing colours and then, as i draw the pen down on downstrokes the colour gradually fades. it's actually quite pretty but fairly unpredictable too which is irritating. love experimenting with colour though!

been trying a bit more of a slant again...i'm definitely happier with this style than previously but it still doesn't feel quite right. what do you guys think?

i'm also addicted to writing in gold...feeling very christmassy! 

recently i've been trying out a slanted style again (above and below). flourishes have been a bit thin on the ground whilst i get used to a new style and a new (oblique) pen. the difference between keeping the angle consistent with an oblique pen vs. a straight pen is quite impressive. i've also started using the zebra g nib...which, although people say isn't dissimilar to the nikko g, i find gives me much nicer hairlines. i've also got my hands on a hunt 99, brause 'rose' and blue pumpkin so i'm working my way through trying them out. watch this space! 

if by any chance you'd like to see more updates, you can find me on instagram :)

asample of a style i've found myself doing recently - i feel like this comes quite naturally, i like it. any thoughts? (also, i LOVE the oblique pen)


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