Elspeth Alix Batt




Pretty Polly

I learnt lots of new things with this class.  Thanks, Helen.

I probably should have got rid of the branch with the leaves to make it less complicated but I think it worked out okay.  I really like the way the feathers have been painted on this image.  I made my tape all on one layer and cut it up like you would a real piece of tape.  I also tried to add some foxing to the background paper which is a pattern I designed for Helen's scrapbooking paper class.


This is called "A Day at the Beach in 1826".  I suppose she could be called "Pretty Polly" as well :)  Isn't she lovely?  The original image had the sea and a boat in the background.  I found a watermarked vintage paper texture and used that over the wallpaper (more scrapbooking paper) to carry on the watery theme in a subtle way.



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