Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly - student project

"Pretty Polly"


Based on true events.

Link to VH1 Classic Nevermind story behind "Polly"

 Logline #1:

A paroled serial rapist and kidnapper, victimizes a teen hitchhiker, subjecting her to a night of torture.

Logline #2:

Serial rapist and kidnapper shatters the lives of two teen girls in Washington state.

Logline #3:

After an abduction and rape shatters the life of one victim, twenty years later the paroled criminal strikes again. This time victimizing a teen hitchhiker,subjecting her to a night of torture, and in an attempt to escape she works to earn her abductor's trust. 

Here is a little information about the project I'm working on.

The title was selected based on the song "Pretty Polly" B.F. Shelton and Dock Boggs 1927. Which has been rumored to have been the inspiration to title the song "Polly" by Nirvana. In the VHClassic Albums documentary about Nevermind, bass player Krist Novoselic remembers Cobain writing "Polly" after reading a newspaper article about the abduction,torture and rape in June 1987 of a 14-year-old girl by Gerald Arthur Friend; Friend had picked her up near the Tacoma Dome in his car after she had attended a rock concert. She was able to earn his trust and sympathy by convincing him she enjoyed it. She managed to escape when he stopped for gas. She got out of the vehicle and made a scene attracting attention from surrounding people. ("GUILTY VERDICT IN RAPE CASE". Seattle Post-Intelligencer: D1. August 19, 1987.)

However, during my research, I was able to get a detailed encounter from a jury member and it does not share much likeness to the song "Polly" by Nirvana...except for the blow torch reference in the song. No one in the case has been named as Polly. In fact the teen was a homeless runaway and being she was a minor her name is not mentioned. In my script I may just name her as victim 2..I'm not sure at this point. Her name won't ever be mentioned in the dialogue so I don't know why I would name her. 

Gerald Friend was 22 years old in July 1960 when he was convicted of first-degree rape and kidnapping of a teen girl and her brother. He served a 20 year sentence. While serving his prison sentence he escaped twice and was paroled in 1980.

June 1987, he abducted a 14 year old girl at knife-point when she accepted a ride from him. Speculation was that she left a punk rock concert. The juror said that she was a runaway who was hanging out and picked up near lower Pacific Ave which is known as a prostitution spot. Gerald then took her to Frisko Freeze for a hamburger, and once back in his car, handcuffed her and held her at knife point. He then drives her back to his single wide trailer and subjects her to torture. 

That was a little background information without giving away the entire story. You can actually read about it on-line so I guess it's not a big secret. Some of the details from the juror are not in any of the on-line or newspaper articles, and I think that will really help set it apart. 

This is the link to the treatment: Rough Draft 1

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