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Pretty Pink Ponies - Professional Networking for Young Female Professionals

Here's our Plan + Purpose:

The Pretty Pink Ponies Plan and Purpose  is to inspire success in one another -- especially young female professionals -- through quality team events, community service, live virtual networking events with leaders, and other low cost / high quality ways we can encourage and develop opportunities and professional skills from one another while adding value to the larger professional community.

Developing this professional team is a challenging reward and it gives me joy to see others engage and encourage their fellow team members while being open to feedback from team leaders.

I believe one of the reasons we can feel overwhelmed is because we don't know how to and from whom to ask for help.

By creating an organization that optimally utilizes all of our different strengths, we become efficient, effective and maximize the time spend professionally enabling more time to conect socially.

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Online Network:

Last week, the Pink Ponies team co-hosted an online Twitterchat about Generation Y and leadership.

We were fortunate enough to have been offered the opportunity to discuss our thoughts with a popular Twitterchat led by leadership consultant, Jennifer Olney.

The points of views heard during this chat were truly mind-opening. Professionals and leaders in various industries ranging in career stages and generations contributed their insights to the discussion.

Here's a link for those of you interested in learning more about the our team, last week's online chat and Jennifer Olney's weekly leadership discussions:



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