Pretty Pink Peony

Pretty Pink Peony - student project

Thank you for another terrific course! I had so much fun working on this more challenging watercolor. I found this photograph on Unsplash. Thank you for that resource. I have never used it previously. Photo by BEAUFIGEAU CELINE on Unsplash

Pretty Pink Peony - image 1 - student project








I did something different but it is still a peony. :0) I need to take your other class on shading to practice more. I wanted to fill a whole page with color and this is what I ended up with. I may do it again to practice. 

Pretty Pink Peony - image 2 - student projectThank you for a great class! I had a blast painting. ~Jeromy

P.S. Isa, I ended up creating an Instagram account just for my art. I am starting to add to it. You can find me here:

Jeromy Winter

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