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Pretty Letters

--> Sept 25

I'm trying this class out because of a combination of interests that ended up meeting here. I'm more of a drawer/painter than a calligrapher/writer, but I've used pen & ink for drawing for years. In college my roommate tried to get me into graffiti. It didn't end up being my thing but it did teach me to appreciate typography. When I got married last May I found I wished I had the skills for proper calligraphy to make pretty letters on my invitations and envelopes. It's a little late now but better late than never!

I started out with the first lessons' shapes (apologies for the crummy webcam, will get better photos for later updates). It's funny how now that I see it in a photo I see a lot more of the inconsistencies. Consistency has always been an issue of mine no matter what I'm drawing or writing so this isn't surprising! I'll definitely need more practice.

I should mention that I stopped by my city's local (not chain) art store to pick up calligraphy items since I know they had a section for it, but I couldn't find the same brands, so I may not be using the right nibs (everything they had was speedball, I got a set that included 3 speedball penholder nibs, a penholder, and 3 smaller nibs and a crow quill pen, that looked as close to the items listed as I could manage). Also am using Strathmore layout bond instead of Borden & Riley (which is weird because they had Borden & Riley paper of every other kind there).

I couldn't wait to move on and see what the other video lessons were so I tried out some of the lowercase alphabet. It's interesting when doing this to see what writing habits I usually have for certain letters that need to be broken (starting the m near the bottom instead of the top, for instance).

Maybe 3rd time is a charm, but I didn't really start to get a hang of consistent letter sizes until the capitals. Perhaps bigger letters are easier to compare with each other? I did stop and start the letters more as the video suggested. I need patience and practice for speed and spacing and consistency.

---> update: Oct. 1st

Upate! I've gone through 16 pages in about a week. I have several pages of the practice forms, this one's the newest (I think).

Practicing letters. So hard to be consistent.

this one's from several days ago; Fiona Apple lyrics. Trying to use the letters in a mix of capitals and lowercase and keeping an eye on spacing, size, etc.; it's difficult! But I found myself wanting to do it as soon as I came home from work. Which means it's fun, too!

After practicing forms and the usual lettering for about 5 days straight I started looking up other people's calligraphy styles to see how they did such cute lettering. Rewrote some of their fonts but also tried to write my own words in a similar style. I find more comfort in a loose, rough style. I've been contemplating putting lined paper underneath my lettering but not sure if it would be cheating, or if it would help.


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