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Boldly Went Announced Today Their Live Outdoor Adventure Storytelling Show and Podcast is Returning to Tacoma on April 18, 2018

The Seattle based company champions outdoor adventure stories of all kinds being a leader in creating an inclusive and inspiring community in the outdoor entertainment space.




Seattle, WA - March 19, 2018 - Boldly Went is excited to announce they are returning to Tacoma for the fourth time on April 18, 2018, 6:45 p.m., at Peaks and Pints to celebrate 1 year since their first show in Tacoma.


Tacoma, like many other towns and cities Boldly Went has visited, has a wide variety of high caliber, extreme, and inspiring outdoor adventurers who are exploring the world in incredible ways. At the previous Tacoma Boldly Went Shows we have heard from 15 time World Record Holder, Erden Eruc, his wife with her unique perspective on, Nancy Board, kayaking ocean conservationist from the Ikkatsu Project, Ken Campbell, Ellen Bayer a UW Tacoma professor ang top finisher in the notorious Barkley Marathon Fall Classic, and Dean Burke who paddled his stand-up paddle board 50 miles in 1 day for some examples. Boldly Went is using their live shows and a weekly podcast and giving local communities and the world an opportunity to get inspired by them too.


Boldly Went Shows are different from the mainstream outdoor entertainment space because they bring outdoors enthusiasts and athletes of all kinds away from their activity siloes into a shared space. Event format is casual where any interested attendee has the opportunity to sign up for a chance to share their meaningful or impactful story in front of the crowd - preferably with some preparation. Those who signed up are drawn at random. Those selected are given 10 minutes to take the stage and dazzle the crowd with any outdoor adventure story of their choice.


Storytellers are judged using criteria described in detail on the Boldly Went website. Ken Campbell from Tacoma based Ikkatsu Project, a kayaking and ocean conservation organization said in reaction to the April, 2017 Boldly Went Show, “Adventure tales, told live in a room mixed with friends and strangers, different people telling their stories of joy and pain...It was a good mix and a lot of fun.”  


It is common for outdoors enthusiasts and athletes to become entrenched in their own activities and likeminded community. The founder of Boldly Went experienced this siloing during her own adventuring in ultrarunning and when hiking the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail. She started looking for a place where she could hear the stories of the inspiring people who were different from her in every way. She couldn’t find any place where a diverse and welcoming group of outdoors lovers were gathering to openly share different experiences and how those experiences helped to interpret the world.


Boldly Went set out to create a model that could be used hyperlocally to gather all types of adventurers from various backgrounds and give them the opportunity to share their meaningful and impactful story they believed would be the most likely to captivate a crowd.


Angel from Boldly Went comments, “It’s scary creating something like this with such a loose format because you don’t control the content production. However, the result has blown us away because we’ve learned intimate details of people’s adventures that are frequently cut out of logistical presentations. Those details are so much more interesting and informative to the reasons that drive us to be adventure seekers. Turns out, they also frequently have an implication in the larger world too.”


The Boldly Went stage is welcoming to pro-athletes and weekend warriors, the ordinary doing the extraordinary, the traditional and the non-traditional. Boldly Went events are unique spaces unifying the outdoor community across disciplines, abilities, and the perceived and real differences. Angel comments again saying, “Boldly Went is the leader in in the outdoor entertainment industry giving equal importance to stories and voices from outdoors enthusiasts and athletes of all kinds.”




Boldly Went started in Seattle, WA in January, 2017 and has since hosted more than 20 shows in 12 cities, 7 states and 2 Canadian Provinces. They record the stories from their lives shows and broadcast them in the weekly Boldly Went Podcast to listeners around the world. They are working toward creating a more streamlined and trustworthy outdoor adventure network to make it easier to adventure like a local when traveling.



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