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10.7.13 - Jerry Downs, a long-time friend of mine, wrote this work of non-fiction. He has a unique vision on being a human. He recently wrapped up a successful Kick-starter campaign to publish the book. I will be designing it over the next few months. I believe I'm going to create dropcaps for the book in this class. I reserve the right to change my mind.

10.8.13 - Read and made notes for each story to get an idea of how many i'd need and what the theme of the story was. Noted some first-off thoughts based on Jerry's own methods of expressing his ideas. Will need to brainstorm more.

11.12.13 - nice date. anyways. After thinking about this for a while I decided that doing artful dropcaps for Jerry's book would be a mistake. The book contains tons of HIS photos and drawings so anything I might do might: 1. interfer with keeping his art front and center. 2. might be thought to be his art as well. So I'm starting over with a different project, some fruit preserve labels I'm working on. No I didn't read them but I did eat them and I'm stoked to do it so I think it fits the criteria.

11.13.13 - First sketches of the letterforms for each fruit type.

Overall the brand is not about being fancy and complex so I need to keep it appealling, feminine (the main buyer) but not fussy. We're going for a modern look, not the country style quaint thing. The ingredients are wholesome and simple. The look should be as well but enough going on that it seems distinctive. Using Indian-sanskrit-like maybe for the M mango (national fruit of India, and exotic)

something fat and juicy for C cherry

something very pregnant for B berry

something playing with leg of R in raspberry

having a hard time with the Cherry Lemonade. A ligature? nested C in the L? it's not working yet.

11.14.13 - Altho I like the sanskrit-like form of the M, I took a turn towards unifying all the letterforms in this ultra chubby style (far right versions). I'll see if I can come up with all the needed variations.

11.15.13 - I did come up with all the forms with font-like consistency and when I put them into the labels it was not as much fun as having each letterform have a more distinctive personality. So I returned to the idea of each letter with it's own character. The problem I had with a ligature of CL (cherry lemonade) was resolved with color instead of type. Which I think reads just fine and says what I need it to say. Here's where I'm at as of this morning.

The next step/question is - is this enough or do I need the forms to be more illustrative. In regards to that question, it should be noted that I'm taking this typographic approach because EVERYBODY puts an image of fruit on their label and I'm wanting to go a new direction. So if I add anything it's going to be textural or a graphic that further implies the fruit without being literal.

11.19.13 - I appreciate the feedback I got from my fellow students, I considered all the feedback and came to this final version. Not a huge step from where I was but I think a simple gradient adds the vitality I wanted without adding another shape.


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