Presentation / outline for skillshare class

Presentation / outline for skillshare class - student project

Loved this class used it to further raft an outline for my next class. Thank you MJ!

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We are going to work with cork leather & design a simple shoulder bag based on a zippered pouch. I am going to show how you can take to take your design from basic to beautiful by sharing my design prroces and lots of examples amd actionable steps.

Who charlotte kan / workshop teacher / create and sell pdf sewing patterns for women / 10yrs design experience ut 30+ years as a maker / as a fashion designer collections + presentations + featured in magazines. My favorite thing to do is design something that is easy to make but looks sophisticated and cool. And that is exactly what we are going to do in this class.

Why Cork fabric or cork leather is a great alternative for leather, easy to work with on a regular sewing machine, it's fashionable, vegan, water repellant , durabl and it looks fabulous..I love working with it and I hope this class will inspire you to give it a try!

Why Design Diy is chance to make something unique but I want you to surprise yourself with the end result. So that's why i am also going to teach you some steps and techniques that I use in my own design proces. Using these steps, you'll be able to explore and develop new ideas that you can use to create a unique design. I'll explain my approach to the design process and how you can apply those concepts to your own project, by showing you lots of examples along the way. And show you why creative constraints are a good thing.

What will we cover in class

  • How to work with cork fabric

  • Techniques to make simple bag components like straps, strap connectors and zipper tabs and pulls

  • Where to find the materials

  • why creative constraints are a good thing

  • How to develop your ideas and inspiration into a unique design.

  • And how to construct the bag, and insert an exposed zipper

This class is for you if

  • You want to learn some simple bagmaking techniques

  • You are interested in working with cork fabric

  • You are an advanced sewers, looking for a fast and fun project

  • If you are interested in techniques for taking a simple project to the next level


Requirements You are comfortable using a sewing machine, it is beginner frinedly but not a first project. but it's not neccessary to have prior experience with any of the techniques because that's what you will lean in this class. The tricky parts will be working with lots of thick layers, topstitching thick layers and inserting a zipper.

At the end of this class you'll be able to sew a simple bag using corkleather and you know to think like a designer and take a simple project to the next level.

favorite tools for cork

  • sewing machine with basic stitches + a zipper foot

  • cutting tools / sciccors / rotarty cutter plus mat

  • ruler

  • paper and a printer

  • marking tools

  • needles / universal, jeans, microtex thickness 80 → 100

  • wonderclips / don't use pins holes and distort

  • wondertape / double sided tape / glue

Intro: What and how to use where to find. Limited selection widely available and to avoid overwhelm ( more on this later ).

  • Materials: Cork fabric or cork leather what / why / where
  • Materials: Straps / Rope / diy

  • Materials: Rings O / D / Rectangle

  • Materials: Zippers

  • Materials: Flat end caps

  • Materials: Recap, experiment, close enough ok, some extra for experimenting

Details and Construction

  • Tips for thick layers

  • Straps + strap connectors

  • Inserting straps and strap connectors onto your bag

  • Zipper tabs and pulls

  • Inserting the zipper

  • boxed bottom

  • recap: use wondertape and clips check before you proceed, think about production order.

How to use the PDF Pattern

how to print / use and adapt

Design process

Intro Why should you follow a proces or a system? Because it gives you structured way to explore and implement new ideas, without loosing the end result out of sight. This proces is so that all these ideas you have floting around get captured developed and turned into a bag design, that is different from where you started. Idea & end goal: maybe look at it like a brief from client?

  • Explore collect & explore: Everything that pops

  • Analyze: Ask yourself why you chose? Refine and distill you ideas, select and put into words and sketches. repeat – transform – placement – scale – / make associations tied → rope knots /

  • Translate: sketch your design with your concept in mind / focused material tests.

  • Prototype: test and adapt pattern / 3d mock up paper / details / refine

  • Execute: final sketch + pattern, construction steps, adjust if needed.

  • Example: Collection Sketches

  • Example: Shoe design sketches

  • Recap: Not as linear, ask yourself questions why? what if?

 Class Project

  • Intro

  • Idea/brief: what do you want from your bag? What occasion will you use it for?

  • Explore: max 100 image / sketch / moulage / collage / photo / pinterest

  • Analyze: max 10 image / what do I see and like / look for themes / associations /

  • summarize in concept A4

  • Translate: concept to design big ideas first details later.

  • Prototype: Details / test / refine and finalize / order of construction / adjust pattern

  • Construct: final bag

Example project start to finish

Final thoughts




Ok so i like the general idea, of my slides but the colours did not look as good after uploading here.

Presentation / outline for skillshare class - image 1 - student project

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Charlotte Kan
Teacher: Hand Embroidery / Sewing ✂️