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Present for a friend .

Hello , i'm Jean Demaneuf and i'm french , i have 27 . I start to draw when i was 24 , i think it's a little late to begin but i try it .

My first draw .

So , My project it's to give a gift( a portrait of her) for my friend Maeva for his birthday . I have already do one 2 years ago .It's was not bad , but this time i really want to improved my gift with this Skillshare.

Merci encore beaucoup à Mdme GaBrielle DeCesaris pour le partage de ses connaissances . J'aurai grand plaisir à faire progresser mon dessin .

First step ,(training) i was pretty sick but i feel better . I just draw something to exercice for the final steep . The reference is a friend of maeva , Pauline .

And the exercice :

Sorry for the poor quality of my camera . I 'm not very happy of my work on the lights and Shade . i will do better for Maeva maybe it's will be more easy if a take a grey photo of her ? .

Second Step : training :

The reference

And the result

I think it's little more good but not enought , i have some difficulties to make homogeneous shadows . I Have to use more force when i blurred ?

Thanks Another one . It's good to see the progress 

Just a little link where we can see my progression in drawing   Thanx again !


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