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Preschool Catalog

I will be making a catalog for the preschool where I am the communications director. I'm trying to get away from the typical three-fold brochure that has been used for so many years. I will be using my own photography and experimenting with various document sizes/setups to find a good fit for the information that I would like to convey. Here's our current logo:


This is what I've done so far. Right now I'm going with a landscape letter size and I will also format it for web/ipad viewing to place on our website. 

Things I like: I like the photo at the bottom and how the feather feature allows it to not be so cut off at the top. I think I like the placement of the logo and the other items on the lefthand side. 

Not sure about: The placement of the info. I can't find a good layout for the text. I'm also not sure about the borders I added. They may just need a change of color. 

So this is what it is so far. I'm sure I will completely change the layout before I'm happy with it. 


i switched to a letter size for my second layout. I think it definitely helps with the problem of too much text. For the next layout I think i'm going to go for more of a small poster size that could be placed in different businesses as advertisement. 


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