Presale giveaway from down under!

Presale giveaway from down under! - student project

Hey Jenna and fellow students!

Thinking about this project, I'm also considering the fact that I live in Australia and making sure to factor that into my presale giveaway plans. (Still at the author-platform and professional editing stage of my first book, but you know it's good to get informed as early as possible, thanks Jenna <3) 


4 months from the start of the presale to the actual release date. Placeholder dates: I need to do a bit more research into publishing seasons but let's say hypothetically I want to publish at the start of June - I'll start at the beginning of February (Autumn - Winter for me, but Spring - Summer for your northern hemisphere'rs :P).


I'd like to do a combo of grand prize and smaller prizes. At the very least with a grand prize: I'll pick three winters to receive a signed hardback of my novel - I think when I send it I'll also include a bookmark or other goodies as well as a written invitation to my street team for a personal touch. This will be the most expensive part of the whole process for me sending books from myself - however I am grateful there's a Ingramspark printer company here! 

For smaller prizes, this very much depends on my author platform. At the moment I am planning on having a prequel novella available as a reader magnet/for building my mailing list (maybe an option to include a physical copy with the grand prize?) and I think having the first few chapters of my first book would be good and have more as a consolation prize (timing: did I want to have the first few chapters out for a month before announcing the presale giveaway which will include more chapters? Building momentum perhaps). If I did commission candles for instance, can I have them sent from the provider rather than to me and then to the winners? In consideration of costs and time. Cross-promotion with authors: stiiilllll working on networking with this shyness.. But building connections and promoting one another would also be great community building. What could be my digital options? I know I have friends I can commission for artwork, digital downloads of a companion book/behind the scenes things? I've been working on an excerpt from an in-world magical textbook. BASICALLY: Good to think about these things as they can also help my platform building adventures.


Hardback copies of my books for sure. To be researched: candles, etc.


More chapters. Potentially the companion book pieces?


Text: Friendly and reminding them of the consolation prize.

Fill-in bits: Name, Email Address, Proof of Purchase, Mailing Address. 

Optional questionnaire bit? Are you interested in merchandise? Etc. - to research audience wants during this time.


Any feedback is most appreciated 

H.J. Stack
Fantasy writer from Australia.