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Prepping for Winter casserole photo competition

I am bad a drawing but great at making lists! Seeing you video tutorial has pushed me a bit more to start making storyboards, but for now I have always stuck to lists. I recently participated in a photo competition of a food bloggers group I belong to. They asked for a photo with a winter casserole recipe in a special cast-iron pot. I already have one of those cooking pots in my kitchen, so I didn't have to call friends and family to raid their kitchen! 

I first made a list of all the food ingredients I needed to make the recipe. Because it was a photo of a cooking pot and not just one dish, I bought and prepared enough food. 

I keep a food photography board on my pinterest page ( and like you mention I frequently look at the photos to get inspiration for colour schemes and set up. For this photo I choose a country style look on a wooden table. I kept it sober with the other colours, because the white of the pot had to stand out and I just added a vintage plate with blue lines and a red napkin and I choose vintage cutlery with different designs. 

It was a cloudy day, with very little light coming in, but I hoped this would add to the winter mood I wanted to create. I didn't used any reflective boards on this photo, but I did put the table right next to the window and I made minor changes in Lightroom afterwards.

I started with laying out the props on the table and added some thyme stalks around it.

I took several shots from above, 3/4 and front, with and without vegetables in the picture and decided in the end on the one with the best diagonal line in. I didn't win but I had a fun afternoon working on this project. And we ate the casserole dish that evening! 


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