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Prepare My Mission

Hi, I'm CJ.


I went on my first mission trip in 2008 to Kenya. I packed my passport in my left-back pocket and wore jeans. I set my hotel room on fire because I hadn't yet figured out how to use outlets and voltage the proper way outside of the United States. It was my first time out of the country, and needless to say, I was doing it wrong. I was ill-equipped.

Fast-forward to today. Over the past six years I've had the opportunity to work, volunteer, and travel with several missions organizations. I've learned a lot the hard way. All of that experience is now being poured into Prepare My Mission, a website dedicated to preparing others for their mission trip.

What I'm doing, summed up:

My website is dedicated to preparing others for their mission trip. With everything from packing tips to fundraising ideas to spiritual preparation to bug spray, we've got everything you need for an effective mission trip.

Content examples and snapshots (click on each visit the site and see the real thing):

Packing info for international travel:

Articles to help mission trip goers do everything from fundraise to share their testimony:

Gear to make missionary life easier in every corner of the globe (this is an example of one of my products):


My name is CJ Palmer (@cjpalmeris).

My email is [email protected].

My project is Prepare My Mission (, @prepmymission).


Day Zero (March 12):

I'm entering this class with the hope of learning not just how to blurt out about my website and products, but how to strategically talk about what I have to offer to my audience. I don't want to just post about stuff on Twitter and Facebook. I want to have a plan. I want to be purposeful.

Day Two (March 14th):

Yesterday I worked through the 11 questions. This exercise was much more valuable than I thought. The two questions that had the greatest impact on me were, "What can we change" and, "What is the hard part?" For my context, the answers went hand-in-hand.

I can change the way people approach their mission trips. I can change their mindset, their spiritual position, how they pack, and what they bring. The hard part is convincing my audience that they need to be proactive about their mission trip, and that effective trips don't just happen.

But alas, a question! The people that are already proactive about their trip are already my customers. Should I gear my site and product marketing to them? (To the people that already care, and I'm just offering a solution?) Or should my marketing be focused on showing other people why they should care? (In which case, if they care, my products will be a natural solution.)


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