Prends garde à moi by Vanessa Paradis

The song I chose is : 

Vanessa Paradis – Prends garde à moi

In the lyrics, the singer expresses the fact that she won't let anyone put her down, specially not by people being mean and coward. These people should beware of her. 

I chose to deal with the lyrics but also with the melody who is calm and has nostalgic tones. 

So as you can see I picked nostalgic and calm for the melodies and disbelief and victorious for the lyrics. Nostalgia and Disbelief have similar colors, and I used quite pastel tons for the sweetness of the melody but also chose to add more vivid colors to emphasize the fact that she won't let anyone put her down anymore even if she looks fragile. (especially the red touches that bring a real contrast : sweet but strong)

(I used a split complementary color scheme)

What do you think of my piece? I 'm not so sure about the red actually. All feedbacks will be very much appreciated :)


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