Premise for The Flatlands



I’m very passionate about understanding humanity. I love psychology and sociology and want to learn everything to understand the human mind. Socializing in general is something that I’m naturally bad at and all my life had to practise and memorize rather than knowing and learning, which makes it a very important subject to me, and I know I’m not alone with this difficulty.


The theme of the story I want to tell would in short be Characters. I want it to be about the importance of communication, of getting to know someone before making a judgement and trying to understand each other and ourselves.


An insecurity that leads to mistrust and involuntarily anti-social behaviour

(in an earlier class project I stated her flaw as being insecure and mistrusting, but after trying to translate my thoughts more correctly I decided this was more accurate to what I was thinking)


What if the unsocial and mistrusting Meri has to go on an involuntary adventure with the world at risk and has to learn to get to know and be able to both trust and judge others to save the world.