Prelude Jewelry Labels

Prelude Jewelry Labels - student project

Hi, I'm Angie! I'm an editorial illustrator in LA, currently working in the animation industry.

For this class, I'll be designing a set of labels for an imagined line of elaborate 3D-printed jewelry, called "Prelude," sold primarily in small independent boutiques. I'll be making three different kinds of labels: for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

I project a lot of magical thinking onto my clothes and accessories: if I wear this, I'll be extra confident today; if I wear this, I'll be light-hearted all day. And a certain amount of that magical thinking comes from contextual information and associations. If I'm drawn in by the playfulness of the marketing for these flatforms, I feel playful when I put them on, and if I found a brooch in a vintage store surrounded by velvet floor-length capes, I feel glamorous wearing it.

I love the idea that design can enrich the emotional experience of the product, and what I want to create is the experience of being alone with someone and feeling like the only people in the world, like a Garden of Eden sort of feeling. The design should speak to that concept, and the story the jewelry label tells should contribute to that feeling when you wear the jewelry.

Last thing: jewelry labels have the double duty of holding the jewelry in place and identifying their designer/brand, marrying function and aesthetics, and I'm looking forward to playing around with that.

I'm very new to design, so please let me know if you have any critique or advice!

My inspiration board for this project:

Prelude Jewelry Labels - image 1 - student project