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Nikki Hoza

Art Director / Graphic Designer



Predict the Future!

Ok so I've started this project like 1000x times and I'm finally going to follow through with it damn it! So if anyone wants to help keep me accountable you would be my skillshare angel!

Lets get started-

Phrase: The best way to predect the future is to create it!

I LOVE this phrase. It's 100% what I believe in. As I was brainstorming the words future and create really inpired as space theme for this project. Humans didn't think going to the moon was possable untill they made a spaceship, etc and did it! With that I think the space idea is a great idea to go with. 

With that in mind I began searching for referance material, what did I want this to look like? I decided on a vintage space poster look and found a handful of images to pull from. see below:





SELF PROMO: Feel free to follow me on pinterest, I post a lot of things that inspire me in my projects or just in general!

When looking at these images there seems to be common threads I was being drawn too: Limited color palettes, blocky narrow letters, and motion. All three of these things are what I want to bring into my final project. So with that I began warming up.

The Warm Up:



Out of all the warm up I really liked the once in a round shape as well as the very last one, so I might continue in those directions. You can see that I have also began doing layout sketches, but I have yet to find one that I really love.

That's where I'm at so far in th project Let me know what you think and if you have any insperation that you think would help me with developing this idea further please pass it along, I would love to see it!

Sketching Sketching Sketching


So many sketches. I kind of cheated I think. I had originally drew it differently then scanned it into the computer and rearranged it to work better to my liking. Then I printed it out at 40% to act like tracing paper and redrew it wail still making some changes. Printing it was a lot better than using tracing paper actually since I don't have a light table, because I always feel like the way pencil or pen/marker looks on tracing paper donesn't look crisp. 

Final Drawing


This is my final drawing. I'm really happy with the way it turned out with the space theme. 


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