Predator Vs. Prey

Predator Vs. Prey - student project

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“Well, well… the son of one of the sliest smugglers in existence turned bad cop murder’s his best friend as an act of vengeance for the death of his criminal father.”

Bebo/Piers forced himself to keep calm, he can’t lose his cool around this monster. ‘If I lose my call now it will be the end of me. Piers’s death would be for nothing.’ So instead he simply shrugged off Zekou’s comments.

“My father was taken away from me when I was barely 3 years old. He died not even a year later due to a ‘complication’. When I found out my best friend’s father is the reason I grew up without a father”, a small sinister smile spread across his busted and cut up lips, “Well a plan began to form. Besides the bastard stole my girl.”

Zekou took in Bebo/Piers with an arched scaled brow before revealing razor sharp teeth as he gave a loud bark of laughter making sparks and smoke puff out of his nose. He watched the Pirate Captain as he seemed to circle his wounded form, it felt like a predator sizing up his prey. Should he challenge the male Drazic it would end with a battle that would leave him a beaten loser and should he show weakness a mauling would be in his future.

What ever Zekou was looking for he seemed to have found it as he gave a low deep chuckle giving Bebo/Piers an acceptable yet hard pat on the back. Bebo/Piers gritted his teeth but couldn’t stop his hiss of pain.

‘Shit…ahh---’ The pat was do hard Bebo/Piers felt their mind become blinded by the pain.

“Hmm, seems Lawrence’s boy put up one hell of a fight. It is for the best that you took him out before he could become a real threat.” Zekou tsked as he strode over to the door to his cabin and poked his head out to speak in whispers. Next thing Bebo/Piers knew is two younger and smaller Drazics came in and manhandled him out the door and onto a bloody gurney.

“Tend to the new meat bag will you doctor.”

A laugh was his answer before Bebo/Piers was engulfed in darkness.