Pre and post Sandy in NYC

Some photos from the week Hurricane Sandy hit. The first is -- a common sight during that week -- people walking from darkened lower Manhattan over the Manhattan bridge to Brooklyn where the lights were on! 

Unedited version:

I added a graduated filter to add dimension to the sky. Brought down the highlights and shadows a bit. Brought up the saturation on the blue elements on the photo.

And once on the other side of the bridge....

Unedited version:

And with some adjustments... I won't bore you with the numerous adjustments I made to this photo. They're probably self-evident.

And finally, some preparation before the storm hit. Probably should have started with this, but it took me a minute to master the uploading process and don't feel like messing things up!

And frankly, I really liked this photo as is (except for changes I can't make like having one other mattress in focus), but an increase in clarity did improve the photo


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