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Bianca Bennett

Photography & Graphic Design



Pre-Wedding Shoot

This was the second wedding I've ever shot. I was fortunate that the bride and groom chose to have their wedding photographs taken a month before their actual wedding date, so there weren't any time constraints or issues from weather changes.

This photo was taken at a local park crossing from one location to another. I loved how she has her dress hiked up and you can see everyone laughing and having a good time.



These two shots were taken at a marina because the bride really wanted a shot infront of the boats. I love how he has his jacket over his shoulder and she's starring into his eyes.




The bride had taken her shoes off to walk on the dock, so she held them out or a quick shot.



Playing in the park, using the fountain to our benefit I asked the bridesmaids and groomsmen to the other side so that the bride and groom would be in focus with them in the background.



I love this shot of the couple walking towards me in the park. The light breaking through the trees illuminating the couple with their large smiles.



I'm excited to take the information from your class and use it going forward in my career.


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