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Prairie Manitoba - Amy U

Hi everyone! My name is Amy and I live in rural Manitoba, Canada. This will be my first time trying astrophotography. I'm really excited to start. I will try to get the best shots that I can with my Nikon and the kit lens that it came with, and hopefully I'll be able to get a wide angle lens in the near future.

My astrophoto location will be near Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, Canada.

Astrophoto Date: May 27

Moonset: 8:29PM

Sunrise: 5:40AM

Illiumination: 1.2%

Night Sky Information:

Milky Way Direction: North to East

Important Constellations: Casseiopia + Perseus (North), Aquila + Scutum + Cygnus (East)

Important Stars: Capella (N), Altair (E)


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