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Hey guys!

So, first off I want to say this class was super awesome, I love trashhand's work and it was super inspiring. It just made me want to grab my camera again, go out and shoot all day. 

Now a confession. I don't actually live in Prague. I actually live in a small town in Germany. But since trashhand's class was more geared towards city photography, and since I happened to be on vacation in Prague for two days while taking this class, I decided I would share my photos from there, since those were actually the result of this class.

The pictures were shot with my Canon RebelXS, and edited in Lightroom, also using the VSCO presets (which I LOVE).

Let me know what you think.



I love the symmetry of this picture, with the different colored buildings left and right, and the road smack in the middle.



This is probably one of my favorite shots. The tram was lit nicely from the inside, but not too much so that even with a bit longer exposure it wasn't overly bright.

I hope you guys dig these pictures. I'd love some feedback and to connect with you on Instagram @mitlamk.


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