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Prague in autumn

Well, to be honest Prague isn't my hometown. 
I am a cinematogrpher from Russia, and we have a lot of beautiful and intresting places here, but not cities in general. Don't get me wrong, of cousre there is some kind of another beauty here, but in my project i wanna share an experience of being in the city first time ever. So i decided to show you my point of view of Prague.

All work was done using an iPhone 5s.

1. A Portrait of a tourist girl. Žižkov Television Tower gives the opportunity to enjoy one of the most stunning views of Prague.

2. A Motion of a tram. Trams are a big part of the city life in Prague and the most popular way to move around here i guess.

3. Super minimalistic look-up of great ventilation tower of the tunnel running under Strahov Stadium. That is a real exapmle of how can regular city objects be a piece of art.

4. There is a lot of magic in the atmoshere of night streets of Prague. Especially in the center part.

Thank you!

Instagram: akki12


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